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Wedding dance lessons Adelaide

We put the fun into wedding dance lessons in Adelaide.

So you’ll LOVE creating, learning and performing a wedding dance routine created just for you.

Posted by Adelaide Wedding Dance School on Sunday, 18 August 2019

Our wedding dance lesson services include:

  • First Dance – Traditional, Modern & Mash Up
  • Father & Daughter
  • Mother & Son
  • Bridal Party
  • Wedding Entrance Dance
  • Social Dancing for Weddings & Social Events

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Adelaide Wedding Dance will help plan your Wedding Dance Lessons from Beginning To End!

Try some of this dance classes below to start loosening up and get a idea on what you want

Posted by Dance Amor on Tuesday, 6 November 2018
Couple dancing beautifully on their big day after their wedding dance classes in Adelaide


Come in for your First Wedding Dance Lesson FREE – No Obligation!  Experience first-hand how fun and simple it can be once you take your first step!

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Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple Emma & Taylor beautiful and romantic dance lift


We will help you plan your wedding dance journey from beginning to end.  From First Dance to
Father & Daughter, Bridal Party & more… We will ensure you enjoy the journey and look fabulous on the day!

Couple dancing at their wedding after having waltz dance lessons in Adelaide

Our wedding couples dance rehearsals & finished dance product.  Watch the Testamonials that our couples have to share of their wedding dance journey with us!

Ladies glamorous silver wedding dance shoes at Adelaide Wedding Dance Boutique

Shop in-store to find the wedding dance shoes that will ensure your wedding dance will be danced in Comfort, Elegance & Style


“Initially I didn’t wanted to go. She made us go… I thought I was a pretty good dancer, I will be fine. Then we get there & I realised how bad we actually were” (laughs)…“Mel is now is looking forward and excited to dancing in front of people and that is a massive massive step forward”  – Cameron

“Improved our self esteem and our dancing skills and we got to meet all new people” – Melissa

Cameron & Melissa


After our first trial… we were comfortable with you guys. We knew that you guys knew what you were doing. So we made a decision straight away. You taught us our wedding dance but you also taught us how to dance in the future as well. It doesn’t have to be to this specific dance that we can now do, but we can also dance to other music, other songs…
Ben & Kelly


I think it was challenging and it proved to Vickie and I that we got the ability to do something together. I think we have created something beautiful for our wedding and I think that it has probably bought us even a little bit closer together. I would absolutely recommend you guys…Professionalism. It’s excellent. Very high standard. It’s fun.
Peter & Vicky


It is something that you can together and you can do by yourself. There is definitely a format to everything and I was enjoying learning the format and I really like the first steps that you showed us. I thought it was a great start. We walked out of here and we definitely know that we went to the right place. We felt good. I was really blown away with what we came up with such a short period of time. I never anticipated that at all. It exceeded our expectations by 10 fold.
Billy & Cass


Adelaide Wedding Dance is a branch of Dance Amor, one of Adelaide’s finest latin and ballroom dance schools. Any couples choreographing their wedding dance with Adelaide Wedding Dance will also have free access to Dance Amor group classes. This is an excellent way to practice moving and make your dancing look more natural.

Group dance classes for adults include:

  • ballroom dance classes, including waltz, foxtrot, tango, quickstep
  • latin dance lessons, including bachata, rumba, cha cha
  • salsa dance lessons
  • waltz dance lessons
  • dance exercise classes
  • Other modern styles of dance including Kizomba and Caliente


The school also has social ballroom dancing in Adelaide


For your Wedding Dance Lessons at Adelaide Wedding Dance


Do you offer a Free trial wedding dance lesson ?
We certainly do! Come to your Free trial wedding dance lesson today & see how we can help prepare for your wedding dance.   There is no obligation!  Come our friendly Adelaide Dance Wedding dance team and we will do our best to help make your day enjoyable and give you the confidence & flair you are after.  For details visit Free Wedding Dance Lesson
What dance styles do you usually recommend for a first dance?
The choice is yours!  Our experience will allow us to help you with traditional dance styles such as Rumba & Bridal Waltz for your wedding dance.  However, the trend have also been a mash-up of traditional and modern. Click on – Wedding Dance Video Hub to watch some of our wedding couples dance routines.  Other dance styles such as Cha Cha & Swing are also possible. As some dance styles are more difficult than others, we will recommend dance styles & level of difficulty is dependable on your time & committment.  Our key goal is we will work with you to make your wedding dance enjoyable & memorable.  For details visit Planning Your Wedding Dance.
We are thinking of having a bridal party dance, can you teach them too?
Bridal Party Wedding dance lessons is a great way to include your bridal party into your wedding.  The wedding dance lessons can be enjoyable & memorable as the group can all work together to come up with a fun dance routine to present at your wedding!  Click on Bridal Party Dance for details
We have no dancing experience before. Will it be difficult for us to pick up our first dance?
We specialize in teaching beginners as well as advanced students.  We are great doctors for Wedding Dances as we will use our best surgical tools to fix your 2 left feet & equip you with sharpened tools to give you confidence & flair on the dance floor.  Our teaching method works every time.  Practise for 1 minute a day.  We guarantee you will be satisfied with the result!  Click on First Dance for details
  • Wish they had more time for routine 60% 60%
  • Confidence dance level before the Day 90% 90%
  • Have fun during their routine 80% 80%

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