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Your wedding dance can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Your guests will be blown away when you learn a few easy dance steps. Go the full fireworks and wow them with twirls, dips, lifts even dance poses that you can use for your photoshoot on the big day. Getting to our wedding studio early makes all the difference in how elegant & romantic you will look together!!

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Hearts Red & white connected together in an embrace similar to dance

Wedding Dance perfect for you and your fiance to highlight your for each other

Adelaide Wedding Dance couple Peter & Vicky kiss captured at the most beautiful moment

Leave the whole process in our hands, You have heard of PR assitants, hairstylist, image stylist. As your personal dance stylists, our goal is to enhance your love for each other, get you to look cool, edgy or natural and confident while entertaining your guests in your own style.  

Or You got ideas? Great, tell us and lets get working on them straigh away to achieve the look and feel you are after.
Perhaps you want to do the dirty dancing scene?

Give yourself plenty of time to get best results. Unless you would like us to be your dance doubles like in the movies.

Bridal party having fun

We can take your wedding dance to next level

Learn your wedding dance from experts to look incredible on your day. Your wedding day will be remembered as one of the best days of your life. It is a lovely day when everyone looks at you, admiring your beauty while dancing to a song that flows perfectly together with your choreography while you smile at each other. Our choreography and your planning ahead will ensure that nothing will be left unattended.


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get started with our 2 for 1 Deal (Save $116):

You don’t have to feel uncomfortable or awkward when you dance at your wedding if you get started today with our 2 for 1 deal. Buy 1 lesson get the next one FREE.
Experience what it feels like to match your footwork and body movements to the rhythm of the music. Rehearse simple steps ahead of time to your chosen song to help you feel comfortable on your big day. Why wouldn’t you want your first dance to be perfect? find out more…

, Adelaide Wedding Dance Lessons

Crafting your dream wedding dance.  

Imagine your dream wedding dance brought to life by our expert teachers at Adelaide Wedding Dance. As back-to-back winners of the ABIA Wedding Industry Awards, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch services that create magical, unforgettable moments.

Starting at just $89 per lesson, per couple, our packages are designed to fit your desired results, budget, and schedule. Find out more…



Edge your perfections with Private Lesson:

Already have your wedding song and dance in mind? Book in for your first  dance lessons with us, and let’s turn your vision into a polished, natural, and confident wedding dance! Whether your dance is simple or extravagant, we’ll help to make you look and feel amazing on your big day.

Provide us with all the relevant details about your wedding in the form, and let’s get started on making your dream dance a reality! Book in today!


Gift Certificates:  The Perfect Gift

Want to do something really special for someone important in your life? Surprise your soon-to-be or current spouse with a great dance lesson certificate and you’re set. Or maybe it’s just an unforgettable gift idea for friends who have everything, or even an item that will make the parents of the bride happy. Check out our gift certificates & give yourself or your loved ones the gift they will forever remember you for. Find out more…


, Adelaide Wedding Dance Lessons

 Wedding Dance Tips and Tricks:

Maybe you’re not sure what to do or where to start with your wedding dance in Adelaide? Our 45 min long, once-a-month on the first Sunday Wedding Dance Tips & Tricks workshop can help! Bring your fiance and join other soon-to-be married couples who are looking for essential information on getting started; how to execute simple dance moves with confidence, or just picking up some quick tips on how to feel more confident about dancing before the big day.  Book in today!!

, Adelaide Wedding Dance Lessons


There are plenty of ways to exercise on a regular basis, and Adelaide Wedding Dance is just one. They’re a branch of Dance Amor, one of Adelaide’s finest Latin and Ballroom Dance Schools. Latin Group classes run three days a week, on Monday, Tuesday & Saturday. This is an excellent way to master rhythm, coordination and make your dancing look more natural. Find out more…




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 Quick Glance

Feeling unsure about what to expect? You can count on us to guide you every step of the way! As couples prepare for their wedding day, they learn how to dance together for the first time. The teachers at our school will make you feel so comfortable that you’ll be dancing right away from the first lesson.

A fun, easy way to learn wedding dances
Personalized, 45-minute lessons
Wedding lessons are available at times that suit your schedule
Dance lessons for all levels of skill, beginners to advanced
We cater for disabilities. Visual impairment or hearing
Experienced instructors with a friendly attitude
We offer a relaxing studio environment moves
 and highlights that stand out in your wedding dance


, Adelaide Wedding Dance Lessons
, Adelaide Wedding Dance Lessons

Make your First Dance a memory with photography and videography
You can include bridal party songs, father-daughter songs, mix into mashup
Included are video progress
Come in for your first dance lesson get the second one Free.
Trust in our experience since 2010, Let our instructors with diverse dance experience in different genres handle the rest.

, Adelaide Wedding Dance Lessons
, Adelaide Wedding Dance Lessons
Wedding dance couple posing for photo reception

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, Adelaide Wedding Dance Lessons

First Dance

This comprises Traditional Bridal Dance-Elegant Waltz, Modern Dance Alternative-Top 40’s music, Latin Ballroom, Salsa Bachata, Mash-Up Dance Fun & Funky-Just dance! Thus, dance bits from your favourite movies—from Crazy Dancing to Full House.

Traditional wedding dance style

Mother & Son Dance

Mom will love being able to share this memory with you again. Just one more time before she sees her little boy all grown up become a man.


Father of the bride walks his daughter down the aisle

Father & Daughter Dance

Give your Dad the last dance with you followed up by your first dance with your new family.

Bridal party wedding dance for fun

Wedding Dance Entrance

Every couple deserves an epic entrance so make it memorable. Family and friends will be there, enjoying themselves just as much as the bride and groom do—making the entire experience unforgettable!

bridal walk at town hall venue

Bridal Party Dance

There’ll also be time allotted to share that first dance as newlyweds, surrounded by all those who have supported them along the way – both family members and friends alike.

Beautiful photo of Emily & Evan Walk Around - Wedding Dance Lesons at Adelaide Wedding Dance

Social Dancing for Weddings

Before rounding off the evening with everyone else clamouring onto the floor to boogie down under catchy tunes from DJ-powered speakers!

, Adelaide Wedding Dance Lessons

Social Events

Everyone will talk about your wedding long after the day is over because they loved the music, the food, seeing everyone have such a good time. But most importantly they’ll remember how awesome you looked while you were dancing together.

 Quick Glance

  • Latin Salsa, Bachata, Rumba. Merengue, Mambo, Argentine Tango, Lambada
  • Ballroom: Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Quicksteps, Paso Doble
  • Rock n Roll, East Coast Swing, Jive

  • Contemporary, hip hop, jazz Ballet

  • Others Dance Styles: Kizomba, Zouk, Hustle, NightClub

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me what type of dance we should learn for our wedding dance?

Dance styles are usually determined by the song(s) you choose however we can go down our best seller which is dance moves that are easy non especific to 1 dance style. Which makes you look cool, dancy and your guests are entertained. 


If you have a specific “look” or “feel” in mind, we can teach you to dance in any style. Whether it’s a straightforward, conventional dance or a more modern dance number, you’ll find something to match your tastes. A better option is to combine a few tunes and have the benefit of both worlds by starting with a slow bridal dance and finishing with a party starter to set the mood of the rest of the night! Even more entertaining if you do a mash-up dance. 

There are many dance genres you can choose from, including Romantic Rumba, Elegant Waltz, Sassy Salsa, Passionate Tango, Classy Foxtrot, Top 40s, Blues, Bachata, Rock ‘n’ Roll, hip-hop, RnB. 

Plus requests like Dirty Dancing, Ed Sheeran videos, Michael Jackson, and other YouTube blockbusters. 

We haven't chosen a song can you help?

Bring 5 song that you like. Get your partner to chose 5 songs that they like. Bring them with you at your Trial Wedding lesson. We will listen to each song. Just make sure that you like them.
Give you guidance on what song to go for and why. But if you heart is set on a song we can work with that too. 
Some songs are harder to hear the beat. Others are more lyrical. This has a big impact on how quickly you can hear the music to be able to dance to it.

When should our dancing classes begin?

Today is a great day to begin your wedding dance. Several couples have booked nearly 24 months in advance. It takes time to be able to dance to a whole song comfortably, feeling confident and looking natural. Initially, you will feel like a newly born Bambi, as your body needs to learn it first and then adjust. 

Couples typically start planning 6 to 8 months in advance, depending on the number of dances (father daughter, bridal party, Mother song, reception entrance) and styles, song selection, complexity level, and intended outcomes.

Dance lessons leading up to your wedding day are not necessary because we can finish your dance way in advance that way you just come in for a refresher, last minute touch a week before your wedding day. You’ll be glad you did because dancing allows you to develop new skills, grow closer together by having a planned date night every week. Taking the time to practice and learn at your own pace will make you look and feel better on the big day. Waited till the last possible moment? Not to fear; we can assist there as well.

How many lessons are necessary?

Really, it depends. How qucikly you both learn? Wether you have coordition or between the two of you there seems to be 4 left feet? What are your objectives? If its to look natural we need more time to smooth transitions between moves to flow or you practice more at home which still you need more time. How much time do you have? How quickly do you pick things up?

We can teach anybody to dance, but most couples find that attending at least once a week after they start dancing with us is beneficial. If it’s a last-minute event, you have numerous dances, or the intricacy is higher, do it twice a week. The quality of your dancing will improve as you put more time into it. Unless you and your partner are both really fast learners, having less time might make you appear rigid or robotic and prevent you from fully appreciating the moment. Whatever your objectives, we will develop a strategy that works for both of you.

What are Skype-based online dance lessons?

We also provide online private dance lessons via Skype if you are unable to visit our studios.

This ensures that you don’t miss out on your dancing by enabling you to receive the knowledgeable coaching and direction of our teachers from the comfort and convenience of your home. 

Please be aware that these packages are meant to serve as “starting alternatives” or as a good option for individuals who want some last-minute dance moves and want to feel at ease dancing with their partner. They’re not meant to be a completely polished, coordinated, or customized performance with difficult dance moves or music mash-ups.


We provide a free 10-minute phone consultation to anybody who wants to determine appropriateness. If further classes are necessary to realize your vision and produce the desired effects, be aware that additional courses will be needed. If you’re unclear about what’s best for you, talk to us whenever.

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