Wedding Dance Mash Up – Adelaide Wedding Dance Specilist

Wedding Dance Mash Up – Adelaide Wedding Dance Specilist

Wedding dance mash up to wow your guests

Be like  Joel & Angie, they wanted to do something fun & suprise their guest while being more edgy with their wedding dance. They had quite a few songs. They couldn’t decide so we agreed on a wedding dance mash up.

  1. 1st thing does your partner want to dance to a 5 minutes song?
    having a partner not wanting to dance will damper your experience even though we make it fun and easy. 
  2. Do you have the songs you want to mash up?
    Get your dj to mix songs or we could do it for you at an added service.
  3. Do you have the time?
    It takes our choreographers 15 hours to choreograph, break down the moves to your desired songs and teach it to you both.

It is always a priority for us to ensure our wedding couples look natural and feel confidence on the dance floor wowing their guest on the wedding day!!

Probably we are the closest thing to a genie in a bottle.
We move heaven & earth to make your wishes come true.

We Recommend

Usually, we recommend couples to have 1.5 to 2 minutes (16 lessons) simple elegant nice shapes choreography to keep it short & sweet due to:

  • Partner getting dragged like a helpless little puppy to come and have dance lessons.
  • The last time you were at a wedding event. How long did it take you before someone started talking to you?
  • Or you picked up your drink due to couple doing repetitive moves you know the standard same ol same ol’?

Our recommendation to do a wedding dance is the sweet spot plus once covid goes away and your bridal party join you on the dance floor. You will both look like dance gods in comparison to them.

For a wedding dance mashup, we recommend 19 hours of lessons, starting from 3 months and ideally 6 to 12 months before the wedding date.  Leaving it to the last minute add unneccesary stress and time constraints to allow wedding couples to have the confidence and groove on the dance floor on their wedding day.

Bridal Couple Angie & Joel

Joel & Angie came in on the 9th January 2018 from interstates and had less than 1 month for their wedding dance lessons.  They came in for their 1st free trial dance lesson with a 8 minute mash up of the following songs (which later got cut down to less than 5 minutes) :

  1. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
  2. Thriller – Michael Jackson
  3. Grease Lightning
  4. Gangnam Style – PSY
  5. YMCA – village people
  6. Oops I did it again – Britney Spears
Normally with the time limit:

We would have my doubts whether this can be achieved.  However, after the first lesson, I saw how quickly this couple was picking things up and importantly they brought along with them the right attitude, energy and determination. I could see that they wanted to make it happen!!

“After the Initial trial, we booked in as many lessons as we possibly could on the same night.”

Breakdown of thier Wedding Dance & Mash up Dance schedule

1st week – 3 lessons a day x 3 Days = 9 Lessons
2nd Week – Work commitments conflicts. 2 Days of Wedding dance boot camp. consiting of 5 lesson each day = 10 Lessons
3rd Week – Clean Up, Make things look natural + add bells and whistles 3 Days x 2 Lessons a day = 6
4th Week – 2 Days x 1 Lesson to feel confident repetition minior tweaks

A”Boot Camp” of wedding dance lessons is having a high number of lessons in a very in the same day!  In the end they were able to achieve a beautiful fun first wedding dance choreography + a mash up dance in 26 wedding dance lessons (i.e., 19.5 hours of lessons).

Success Story for the wedding couple

However this was for sure, not done without sweat and tears.  As many lessons were crammed in a short period of time, the “boot camp” number of lessons means that in between work and dancing, they even had to practise in the “parking lot”!! at the site they were working 🙂

It comes to show when you want something so bad you can make it happen 🙂

They brought into each lesson a phenomenal energy, positive attitude and fun that light up the studio each time they were present 🙂

Adelaide Wedding Dance with Joel & Angie worked together to make it happen!! We are proud of Joel’s & Angie’s effort and achievement and was so happy to be part of it.

Please check out Joel & Angie Wedding Dance Routine and what they had to share about their experience.  

Mash up is a beautiful way to have the best of both worlds – “Keep it traditional, then embrace the modern era”.  Just how Joel & Angie shared in the video, give yourself more time! Give yourself time to build your Ultimate Dream Wedding Dance.
6 Top Reasons to Consider Wedding Dance Lessons with your Partner

6 Top Reasons to Consider Wedding Dance Lessons with your Partner

6 Top Reasons Why You Should Dance Lessons with Your Partner

1. The Confidence on knowing you look natural and have a very good idea of what you are doing
Imagine the difference you feel when you enter the dance floor about to start your first dance feeling confident, “I have this”, “this is going to be fun”, “people are going to be impressed. Awkwardness and anxiety out the door! Rather than throughout the dance thinking “I feel so awkward and terrible because I have not idea what I am doing”

We give you the tips right from the first wedding dance lesson on how to feel confident and create the natural look. As the dance lessons continue you will find the skill will be sharpened & it will become your own!

2. The Beautiful Highlight:
An opportunity to create one of the most highlighted moments to remember on the night. Also, when you look back at it, it will bring a joyful smile to your face. You will be glad that you didn’t settle for the awkward shuffle.

3. Set the Atmosphere for the Night
It can be elegant or romantic; fun & upbeat or a mix of all of them. Imagine the “woos” & “wow” from your guest for encore!!! The atmosphere will be set for everyone to get up on the dance floor and have a good time!

4. Capture the Beautiful Moments
Give your photographer, videographers, family and friends great moments to capture. The kiss! The lift! The Dip! The romantic glaze! The turns! The grooves!! 100% you would prefer this over 2 min footage of awkward glaze and shuffle. Once your wedding is over, the flowers are gone, the decorations are taken down & the beautiful dress is packed away. What you have left of the night to remember is the fun beautiful captured moments on camera and video.

5. Fun Date Nights
You & your partner can make dance classes a regular date night. An exciting and bonding hobby you guys can do together; take the stress out of your wedding plans & work towards the big day together!!

6. Be able to get up and dance at your next work event or party!
Once you have the confidence, skills of dancing, you can get up and dance together at your next social event. No longer have to be the couple who sit down and watch everybody else have fun!!!

That weekly date night of wedding dance lessons leading up to your big day will certainly be worth it!! The value it will add to you and your partner before and on the night is countless!


“We walked in with no idea what we were doing but they made us feel so comfortable and so much fun. We ended up with an amazing wedding dance and all our guests loved it”


“We learned so much & It brought us closer together, by having to work together…”

Booked in just 2 minutes
(Second lesson
Get the top tips to transform from awkward to natural & confident







 “We will customise the wedding dance routine to your song choice”

Wedding Song: 3 Tips To Pick WEDDING SONG

A Wedding dance to show your love to each infront of your guest & family is a must. 1st step is choosing a wedding song that you both love and yells love forever.


    For your wedding dance, (e.g., first dance, bridal party, wedding dance entrance), We recommend you choose your own wedding songs.  When you love a song it makes you feel emotions that will make you look more romantic dancing it together. Perhaps even sing it to each other as you dance in front of you wedding guests!

    a) Are there favorites songs that you guys both love?
    b) Are there songs that have significance to you guys when you first dated?
    c) Are there songs that the lyrics really resonate with you guys?
    d) Are there songs that have always been your all-time favourite?
    The best thing about you guys choosing your own songs rather than we choose it for you, you will find it even more personalised and fun when we customise the routine according to the cues given in the music and lyric

    For ideas on wedding dance songs, sign up to our newsletter below and get our free wedding playlist – most trending and classic wedding songs.

    Wedding Dance Dip Couple: Tegan & Bryn

    wedding dance dip by Tegan & Bryn



    As much as you love each other you both have different tastes but similar in others.
    Have a listen to numerous weddings songs and shortlist your top 3 to 5 songs. Compare your list and magic you both like omg you love that song too? Or bring them with you when you come in for your firstwedding dance lesson. We willl listen to your songs. Very quickly you will be given advice on this wedding song is easy to hear the beat. This one is hard. This one will create an ambience that will shine in your bridal dance. (e.g., romantic, graceful, fun, upbeat).

    Considerations when choosing your top 5 songs:
    The song helps create the feeling and atmosphere for you guys and for the night.  Hence, we recommend choosing a variety of slow to medium pace songs.  For example, you may want to consider 1 popular slow to medium pace (wedding) song and then have at least 1 song that has a (slight) upbeat feel to it.

    That way, options that can be considered: 

    * the traditional, romantic song can be your first dance and  the upbeat song can even be considered to be played after to get the bridal party or guest up, setting up the atmosphere for the rest of the night.
    * Have a mashup wedding dance –  one of the most popular options at the moment is mashup i.e., You can start off with a slow, traditional, romantic song and half way through you can break out into something fun, unexpected for your guest (e.g., grease lightning).  Not only would it be a fun experience learning the different routines for your wedding, it will also be a “wow” factor for your guest & certainly will uplift the atmosphere for the rest of the night!!!

    Having your wedding song ready by your 1st lesson will also mean that we can even start choreographing your wedding dance right from the very 1st lesson!!!


    a) Do you have a DJ on the night?
    b) Is your wedding song going to be played by a live band?

    first wedding dance Adelaide

    first wedding dance Adelaide

    Most couples have DJ on the night.  Have your song ready with the correct version to give your DJ, at least a few weeks before your wedding.  If you have a mix of songs, for example a dance mashup, speak to your DJ to see if he can help merge the songs together.  We can also help give you advice on how to do so as we go plan out your wedding dance routine.
    If you are going to have a live band playing on the night and the song to your first dance is also going to be played by your live band, then we suggest having a pre-recorded version to work with for your wedding dance lessons.  That way, there will be little surprises on the night. If however that is not possible, we will have suggestions and methods to teach you to help you prepare for it.
    Want some ideas for choosing your wedding dance songs?  Sign up to our newsletter below and get sent our Top Wedding Song Playlist of 2020 and be updated!!! 


“Choose a song that you love.  We will choreograph dance moves to match the music and lyric cues to your song.  we will create a wedding dance routine just for you!!

What atmosphere do you want to create?


Elegant & Graceful

Fun Upbeat

 All of the above?

When we meet for your first lesson, we will show you how your song choice, & how dance steps and moves can help create the style and atmosphere you desire.


Real People. Real Results

We have been creating beautiful customised wedding dance routines for hundred of couples who want to look natural and feel confident over the last 10 Years

“I loved that we were able to choose the song that was right for us and they created a routine for us based on our skills and as we improved they were able to help us “jazz” up the performance until we had it all specky and perfect.   

Everyone was quite impressed with our dance and we had many requests for encores!!!”



“…they worked with both of us, utilising with any natural rhythm we may have started with.   They looked at the type of dance we wanted to portray aka romantic, beautiful, fun… whatever speaks to you then piece by piece we were slowly learning choreographing & practising it into the song of our choice”



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