6 Top Reasons Why You Should Dance Lessons with Your Partner

1. The Confidence on knowing you look natural and have a very good idea of what you are doing
Imagine the difference you feel when you enter the dance floor about to start your first dance feeling confident, “I have this”, “this is going to be fun”, “people are going to be impressed. Awkwardness and anxiety out the door! Rather than throughout the dance thinking “I feel so awkward and terrible because I have not idea what I am doing”

We give you the tips right from the first wedding dance lesson on how to feel confident and create the natural look. As the dance lessons continue you will find the skill will be sharpened & it will become your own!

2. The Beautiful Highlight:
An opportunity to create one of the most highlighted moments to remember on the night. Also, when you look back at it, it will bring a joyful smile to your face. You will be glad that you didn’t settle for the awkward shuffle.

3. Set the Atmosphere for the Night
It can be elegant or romantic; fun & upbeat or a mix of all of them. Imagine the “woos” & “wow” from your guest for encore!!! The atmosphere will be set for everyone to get up on the dance floor and have a good time!

4. Capture the Beautiful Moments
Give your photographer, videographers, family and friends great moments to capture. The kiss! The lift! The Dip! The romantic glaze! The turns! The grooves!! 100% you would prefer this over 2 min footage of awkward glaze and shuffle. Once your wedding is over, the flowers are gone, the decorations are taken down & the beautiful dress is packed away. What you have left of the night to remember is the fun beautiful captured moments on camera and video.

5. Fun Date Nights
You & your partner can make dance classes a regular date night. An exciting and bonding hobby you guys can do together; take the stress out of your wedding plans & work towards the big day together!!

6. Be able to get up and dance at your next work event or party!
Once you have the confidence, skills of dancing, you can get up and dance together at your next social event. No longer have to be the couple who sit down and watch everybody else have fun!!!

That weekly date night of wedding dance lessons leading up to your big day will certainly be worth it!! The value it will add to you and your partner before and on the night is countless!


“We walked in with no idea what we were doing but they made us feel so comfortable and so much fun. We ended up with an amazing wedding dance and all our guests loved it”


“We learned so much & It brought us closer together, by having to work together…”

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