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We are so used to people being nervous and indecisive about their wedding party dance. When you decide to come to us for your dance lessons, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that our teaching system makes learning to dance as easy as counting 1,2,3. Convincing your bridal party will be the hardest part. But they would do everything in their power to make your day even more special, right? Our experienced instructors will work closely with you and your bridal party to create your very own, personalised bridal dance to suit your chosen music, dance style and abilities of all involved. Come and talk to us before you break the news to your close ones! ;)


Do you think it’s a great and unusual idea to include your Bridal Party Dance on your wedding day?

We bet you didn’t think of that! Huh? :) Not to worry, we can still make it!

What's the hardest part of getting it organized?
Actually the only thing that is hard is to organize the day and time that is suitable for all your people. That’s it! If it’s possible, please give us a couple of options to work with and we’ll do our best to accommodate everyone. I’m sure your Bridal Party Support Team will be more than willing to work with you and find the best solution – it’s their job to make sure that everything runs smoothly, right? ;) Just get together, let them know what’s going to happen (don’t give options!) and make a decision right there and then. The rest will be history. Fun adventure ahead – yay!
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This is an awesome opportunity. You will be spending time with your partner and your bridal party creating something unique. This will give all of you wonderful memories to last for the rest of your lives.

Don’t leave it to the last minute and risk rushing it! Make sure that you allow plenty of time to enjoy fun, wonderful and memorable times with your bridal party.

So don’t wait.  Contact us today on +61-8-8223-7848 for your FREE 30 minutes initial consultation.

Remember that anything is possible.  The best things happen when you get out of your comfort zone. All you need to do is take that first step…

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What to expect during your Bridal Party dance lessons?
  • Experienced instructor will create a fun group routine to suit your choice of music and dance style
  • All people involved will remember the choreography
  • Everyone will look well-rehearsed and confident
  • Having fun during your lessons
  • Bonding and sharing between all of you
  • Surprise your guests to the max!
  • Have dance skills that will last a life-time
What will we get out of it?
It’s always that tiny little voice in our heads: what’s in it for me? :) Well…
  • getting together on a regular basis
  • having fun
  • learning new skills that will last a life time
  • encouraging and supporting each other
  • experiencing something new
  • getting to know each other in a different environment
  • creating lasting memories that will be fun to share
  • having giggles and laughs
  • practicing together
  • having skills to dance with different partners
  • improving coordination and musicality
  • finding your right foot if you have two left ones
  • developing your communication skills
  • surprising all other guests
  • becoming confident on the dance floor
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