So the moment of truth came and you have to face it: she is not your little girl anymore. You can still have her sitting on your lap and have a good laugh but she is entering a whole new world. She has grown up. But guess what? Deep down she is still your little girl that needs your love, encouragement and support. What do you think you need to do?

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As all changes in life, you need to go with the change. And the best way to show that you are still there for her is to spend some time together and learn a new language called Dance!

Never danced before and freaking out that you are going to step on her and make fool of yourself?? Think that you can’t possibly look good when she is so pretty? Well first, you are not alone. Lots of dads out there would not even consider doing Father Daughter Dance because they think they are not good enough to dance with the bride. Second, with all the stress that goes into preparation for your daughter’s wedding – dancing is the last thing on your mind, right?


Life goes on and when you look back – what do you want to feel: regret that you have not done something or pride that you have found time and space to fit in what’s important? We often say the word “tomorrow” but you already said it yesterday! And that only means that you have to decide that time spent with your girl is so worth it!!!

We are here to guide you, help you, encourage you, eliminate the guesswork and make you look and feel fantastic on the dance floor. It’s important for us that you feel confident and comfortable leading your girl through the wedding dance as you have always done leading her through life. By using our unique teaching method, you will know exactly what to do during your dance. That will give you ability to lead your wedding girl. That will give you confidence to dance. That will bring you joy seeing her smile all the way through the dance. That will make you do more of it. That will encourage you to try your dance skills with other dance partners. That will give you something new in your life that you always wanted but didn’t dare to start. That will create a whole new exciting chapter of your life!! And dancing is always going to be that thing between you and your daughter that you can share anytime, anywhere.

How does that sound? Pretty simple and no brainer, right? We teach people with no musical and dancing background – we help them develop those. We teach people with 2 left feet – we make one of them right (no surgery required). We teach people with limited time to practice their dance – we require you to practice just 1 minute a day. We teach busy people with tight schedules – we adjust to your biological clock. But we are not magic wizards! You still need to do the work and walk through the door that we show you 🙂

Just decide for yourself that creating those special moments in life is in your power and come to have a chat with us. You’ve got nothing to lose except your time with that girl that you fell in love with from the very beginning.



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