First Wedding Dance Lessons

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First wedding dance, Adelaide Wedding Dance Lessons

Considering your first wedding dance and don’t know where to start?

Afraid of looking awkward on your first wedding dance on your wedding day?

Think that you or your partner have 2 left feet?

Here at Adelaide Wedding Dance we can help.

Let us show you with your first wedding dance, how:

  1. First we will fix those 2 left feet within the 1st lesson (For details – visit Free Wedding Dance Lesson).
  2. We will offer easy to follow instructions and teaching tools to ensure you and your partner progress quickly in a fun friendly atmosphere.
  3. We will tailor your wedding dance to YOU – from simple to extravagant!
  4. We will make your wedding dance lessons fun! It doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be a “dancing date night” with lots of laughs for you and your partner.

Imagine the joy of creating a dance that is uniquely yours that you can then share with your friends and family on your wedding day. We will make sure that your dance is full of fun, flair and love, giving you something you are proud to share with your loved ones. Not only will your guests be impressed, but you will have a collection of beautiful photos and fun memories to share for years to come. The time and effort will be all worth it!!


What to know about your first wedding dance

The type of first wedding dance you do is entirely up to you.  It can be traditional, modern, upbeat or a medley of your choice.

After teaching and choreographing wedding dances for over a decade, we find the most popular and easiest dance styles are:


This normally includes Bridal Waltz or Romantic Rumba.  Both styles offer graceful movements with plenty of room for with added highlights such as lifts, turns & dips.


2) Modern & Upbeat

This often encompasses Cha Cha, Swing and Salsa songs. Choosing an upbeat song for your wedding dance is a great way to set a happy, celebratory mood. We recommend couples considering this style of wedding dance leave themselves plenty of time for lessons, allowing us to develop the skills and flair to make these faster movements look natural.


3)  Medley

Creating a medley allows you to have the best of both worlds!  This seems to be an increasingly popular option for wedding couples. Start the dance with a traditional Bridal Waltz or Romantic Rumba before breaking into an upbeat Cha Cha or Swing!  For a medley dance we recommend our 25 to 40 lesson wedding dance package.  Give yourself ample opportunity to “pull-off” a memorable first wedding dance routine with confidence and style. 


First Wedding Dance Tips

1. Give yourself plenty of time! Dancing has the potential to be a LOT of fun: give yourself the time to enjoy it. We recommend packages starting from 15 lessons. We’ve found that this is the minimum time requirement for most couples to learn a choreography and make it look “natural”. Its good to hear from you at least 3 months before your wedding but the earlier the better! 6 to 12 months before the wedding is ideal, as it offers more flexibility in regards to music, style, and complexity. Check out our Adelaide Wedding Dance Lesson Packages for more details.

2. Practise for 1 minute every day, even if it’s while brushing your teeth! Repeating the movements we show you will help develop strength and flexibility in the muscles. This makes the movements easier, and more natural looking.

3. Consider bustling up your wedding dress. We will talk about wedding dress styles during your free private dance lesson but generally we recommend speaking to your dressmaker to organise the dress to be bustled up.  Some couples choose the dress to suit the dance, others choose the dance to suit the dress. Either way it is up to you, we are here to tailor your dance to YOU.

4. We recommend keeping your dance routine to approximately 1:30 (to maximum 2 min).  Keep it short and sweet. More time for you to perfect your dance moves and keep your guests entertained.


     The next step….?

    Come and experience the joys of dancing first hand! Contact us now to organise a FREE 45 minute consultation and we’ll have those feet dancing in no time. Contact us to book in for your first free wedding dance lesson today!


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    First wedding dance, Adelaide Wedding Dance Lessons

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