Group Dance Classes

Not sure where to start for your wedding dance?  

Perhaps you have been to several weddings and social functions where you wished you knew a few basic dance moves to look & feel less awkward.   

How about come in and try out any of our Group dance classes that we have running 6 days a week.  With up to 12 dance styles and 17 group dance classes that we teach each week – there will be something that you will fall in love with.

If you would like to learn the dance styles that is traditional to wedding dances and is fast to pick up, come to our Elegant Waltz & Romantic Rumba group classes.  You will not go wrong with learning to dance with the grace and poise of “Kings & Queens” in our Elegant Waltz group dance classes

Romantic Rumba classes, full of sensual movements is considered by many to be the sexiest of the ballroom latin  dances.”

Perhaps you want to have a modern twist to a wedding dance & want to go less traditional?  Then come & try our afro-latin dance styles group dance classes – Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Cha-Cha, Rock& Roll.  They are fun, upbeat and will get you moving, grooving in no time!!


Our New Hot Caliente Group Dance Classes!!

Have you been to a wedding or perhaps seen on Youtube a couple dancing & wonder why they look a bit stiff & awkward?  Are you afraid of looking awkward in your wedding dance on your wedding day?

Come to our Caliente group dance classes (Spanish for “Hot).  In Caliente, Salsa Caliente & Bachata Caliente group dance classes, you will not only learn how the step patterns of the dance style, but you will shown how to spice up the dance with “hotter” grooves and body movements.

For more details on group dance classes – check out Dance Amor Website (partner of Adelaide Wedding Dance)


Pretty Sweet Deal for Group Dance Classes & Lessons!

Don’t know where to start?  Pick a day and time one of our group classes are running and try out a casual class for only $20.  Even better, want to attend all the 17 group classes for FREE? Sign up to any of our Adelaide Wedding Dance Packages and have  at least 1 private wedding dance lesson per week, then you will be able to attend all of our group dance classes for Free.   

In your private wedding dance lesson, you & your partner will be trained personally with your dance instructor.  Then attend as many group classes throughout the week to practise & apply what you learnt in your private lessons.  This way, be assured that in less time you will be mastering your dance steps and enjoy grooving & moving on the dance floor on your wedding day with more confidence sooner.

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