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YOUR WEDDING DANCE GUIDE – The Complete Overview


Your wedding plans are coming along.  The venue, photographers, caterers, dress, cake, invitation, wedding decor etc. is in the planning process.

You & your partner have been discussing about doing a wedding dance.  You are certain you want to do something more than a side to side waddle.  You also would like to feel confident & look good on your big wedding day!!   Of course!!!  This is because you want to make the day memorable & have lots of captured beautiful moments

As you may never had done any dance lessons before, let alone a wedding dance, you have no idea what to expect.

The questions you may be asking is:

  1. Can I dance if I have 2 left feet & have never danced before?
  2. What dance style should I do?
  3. What wedding song should I pick?
  4. How long should the song go for?
  5. How many lessons do I need? When should I start?
  6. How much would it cost?  Will it fit into our budget?
  7. How is it going to fit into your busy schedule?


Our Complete & Overview to your Wedding Dance

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“I have two left feet”  “I have never danced before”

Have your wedding dance lessons with us & we will guarantee to fix your two left feet.  Our teaching method is refined to teach beginners who have never danced before, making it easy to follow as well as making it fun and progressive.

We will ensure that upon fixing your two left feet, we will also make those 2 feet groove nicely to music.  While we at it, we will  that you fix the other parts that your feet is attached to, allowing you to add a bit more groove & flair to the music.  This will ensure that your guest on your wedding day, will be impressed with the results that they will see

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“When should I start?  How many wedding dance lessons do I need?”

We suggest starting your wedding dance as soon as possible.  We understand that there are so much to plan for your wedding and just like your wedding venue, photographers etc., the earlier you organise it, the better prepared & less stress you will be.  The closer you leave it to your wedding day, the more hectic & overwhelm you will feel.

More importantly, as we understand like any skills learnt from scratch, with increase repeated practise, the more we will remember & the better we will become at it.   Our wedding dance packages starts from 15 lessons up to 40 lessons.  With 15 lessons, with a minimum of one dance lesson a week, as a guide will take you over 3 months.  We ideally recommend for couples to come in for at least 3 months before the wedding and ideally for 6 to 12 months.  However, at the end of the day, we believe in quality over quantity.  If you left it to the last minute, enquire about our “Boot Camp”.  We can give you condensed lessons & a crash course.  We just ask you work with us to make it happen!!!

We recommend developing a good habit of practising a minimum of one minute a day.  This allows you with no time, you can even practise while you are brushing your teeth!  🙂

For details of what each package include and prices, visit the page on Wedding Dance Lesson Packages.


Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple Emma & Taylor beautiful moment in their wedding dance


“What dance style should I choose for my wedding dance?”

Traditionally, when people talk about first wedding dance, you will mostly think of Bridal Waltz or Rumba.  Rumba is a passionate, romantic dance style which can be beautifully danced to classic & modern ballad love songs.  Bridal Waltz is a graceful & elegant dance style.  Rumba or Bridal Waltz are both slower dance styles, which we recommend are ideal to start off with to help develop fundamental dancing skills, especially if there are time constraints until your wedding day.

However, the ultimate choice is yours.  “The world is your oyster”.  From tradition to fast & upbeat.   There is a slow trend to combining dance styles – a Wedding Dance medley.  Start off tradition, then combine with your other all-time favourite dance songs.  This will serve as an extra surprise to your guest and set the mood & atmosphere for the night.

At the end of the day, we will be your wedding dance guide.  We are willing to work with your ideas and come together with a dance routine that will work for you.  Your private wedding dance lessons with one of our dance instructor will allow us to work closely with you each & every lesson to give you the optimal results.

At your Free Wedding Dance Lesson, we will discuss the dance styles that is best suited to you – working around your preference, song choice(s), time commitment, the pace & level of difficulty you prefer your wedding dance routine to be.

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“What song should I choose?”  “How long should the dance be for?”

Do you already have your wedding song or a few wedding songs in mind?  If you do, at your First Free Wedding Dance Lesson, we will listen to it and recommend accordingly what dance style will be most suited.  We will tailor this recommendation with any ideas that you have in mind, the level of difficulty and time time you have until your wedding dance.

If you don’t have any wedding songs in mind, we are happy to point you in the right direction and make recommendations.  To give you a head start, check out Best Wedding Song Playlist for a playlist of songs.

We recommend our wedding dance couple to ideally keep your wedding dance to one and a half to two minutes.  This firstly, allows you have quality over quantity.  That is have a shorter dance routine and you will can focus on refining it and making it look better, rather than spending ample time just remembering the routine.  Also, this allows you keep it “short & sweet”.  This keeps your guest interested & entertained, before they start to lose attention!

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“How do I fit Wedding Dance Lessons to your busy schedule?”

“How do I fit in time with my busy work schedule & the hectic wedding plans to fit in wedding dance lessons?”

We have you covered! We understand that there always so much to do & only so much time available to do them in.  This is why we have committed our dance school to open 6 Days a Week –  Monday to Saturday from 9:00AM to 10:00 PM (last booking at 9:15pm and all lessons made prior by appointment).  On top of that, upon special arrangement we may even break the rules at times & have lessons on a Sunday!!!  All so we can ensure you have a wedding dance routine that you will have happily be prepared to perform on your wedding day.  We currently have four dance instructors, each of whom can work together to tailor to times best suited to your schedule.

Contact us today!  Take the first step & you will be amazed where it will take you!!!


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