YOUR WEDDING DANCE GUIDE – The Complete Overview


Your wedding plans are coming along.  The venue, photographers, caterers, dress, cake, invitation, wedding decor etc. is in the planning process.

You & your partner have been discussing your wedding dance! You are certain you want to do something more than a side to side waddle but don’t know where to start. You want to feel confident & look good on your big wedding day. Don’t worry, we get it! Of course you want this beautiful day to be as memorable and stress free as possible! And we all know, an elegant wedding dance is not only a great way to stun the crowd, but also a valuable moment to make fun memories, and capture some romantic photos to keep for years to come.

This being said, we also understand there may be a list of questions and concerns around the idea of a choreographed wedding dance. You may be thinking…

… Can I dance if I have 2 left feet & have never danced before?

… What dance style should I do?

…What wedding song should I pick?

…How long should the song go for?

…How many lessons do I need? When should I start?

…How much would it cost?  Will it fit into our budget?

…How is it going to fit into your busy schedule?

In case these are some of YOUR questions, we’ve made a handy little wedding dance guide with some tips and tricks to get you on your way to a memorable and elegant wedding dance.


    Our Complete & Overview to your Wedding Dance

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    “I have 2 left feet! I’ve never danced before!”

    Don’t worry, we all have to start somewhere! We aim to get your feet moving and grooving with the music from the very first lesson. After this solid foundation is established, we can add tricks and styling to give your wedding dance some impressive flair and finesse.

    Time is precious. Start your wedding dance lessons today at Adelaide Wedding Dance


    “How do I fit Wedding Dance Lessons into my busy schedule?”

    We have you covered! We understand that there is always so much to do and so little time to do it in. That is why our dance school is open 6 Days a Week –  Monday to Friday 10am – 1pm; Sat from 10:00AM to 6:00 PM. If need be, we are happy to discuss availability on Sundays too! We will do everything we can to make sure time availability is not an issue holding you back from your dream dance.

    Contact us today! Take the first step and we’ll help you with the rest

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    “What dance style should I choose for my wedding dance?”

    Rumba or Bridal Waltz are the two most traditional styles danced at weddings. Both are slightly slower in tempo which is perfect if you’ve never danced before! Rumba is passionate and can be danced to both classic & modern love ballads.  Bridal Waltz is graceful and elegant dance with a focus on body alignment that often results in fantastic photos.

    However, the ultimate choice is YOURS.  “The world is your oyster”. You may feel a cheeky cha cha better suits you and your partner, or even a showy salsa! Some people even choose to combine a couple of songs into one killer medley within which they switch through multiple dance styles! It’s your day and you get to choose the atmosphere.

    We promise we will help you achieve your dance goals whatever they may be. We want to work with your ideas and come together with a dance routine that will amaze you.  Your private wedding dance lessons with one of our wedding dance instructor will allow us to work closely with you each & every lesson to give you the optimal results.

    At your Trial Wedding Dance Lesson, we will discuss the dance styles that are best suited for you.

    Time to Start your Wedding Dance Lesson is today at Adelaide Wedding Dance


    “When should I start?  How many wedding dance lessons do I need?”

    We suggest starting your wedding dance as soon as possible. We understand that there is so much to plan for your wedding and we want your wedding dance to be something that feels comfortable and uniquely yours. The earlier we start working on the dance, the more natural it will feel on the day.

    Ideally we recommend couples begin to plan their wedding dance 3 to 12 months before the wedding. This allows us to train the muscles and build the flexibility required for your dance to look natural and elegant.

    However, if your wedding dance was something that got forgotten until the last moment, inquire about our Boot Camp option! We can give you a condensed crash course on timing and movement whilst still slipping in a few fancy features to blow your crowd away.

    Our wedding dance packages start from 15 lessons and go up to 40 lessons. We recommend practicing your dance at least once a day to keep the choreography fresh in your mind and to help your body adapt to the different movements. This will ensure you feel confident on the day; by then your dance will feel like second nature!

    For details of what each package include and prices, visit the page on Wedding Dance Lesson Packages.


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    “What song should I choose?”  “How long should the dance be for?”

    Do you already have a song in mind for your first dance? Bring it along and we will listen to it at your Free Wedding Dance Lesson! Listening to it together will allow you to share any ideas you have about the dance, and allow us suggest dance styles and lesson packages accordingly.

    If you don’t have any wedding songs in mind, we are happy to point you in the right direction and make recommendations. To give you a head start, check out our Best Wedding Song Playlist to gather ideas.

    We recommend our wedding dance couples keep their wedding dance between one and a half to two minutes long.  This gives a higher quality guarantee and means that you can spend more time practicing and polishing and less time trying to remember new moves! This keeps your guest interested & entertained; impress them, then invite them to join before they start to lose attention!


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