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Price of your comfort during your wedding dance

ES Shoes will make you feel like you are walking on the cloud – that’s how comfortable they are! You will look more natural and confident on the dance floor. And you can keep wearing them the whole day round as you won’t have to worry about blisters, tightness and sore feet on your special day! What’s the price for that??


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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I order shoes?
Please contact us to get a catalogue sent to you so you can pick the style, size, color and the height of the heel.

Alternatively you can schedule an appointment to come to the studio and try the shoes on.


Can I also order shoes for my bridesmades?
So you should! You can make shoe-trying session fun if you can come in and pick the colors, styles and sizes.

If it’s not possible to gather all of you, please email us your order and we will keep in touch.

What if the shoes don't fit?
As all our shoes are made specifically for us, it’s a good practice to try them on for the size. But if there is anything that you don’t like – we are happy to refund or re-order. Your satisfaction is our happiness
Can I wear the dance shoes outside?
Our dance shoes has special soles designed to have you glide on the dance floor. However if we can make you happy by ordering special soles for outside wear – we certainly will!
Do the men need dance shoes as well?
Men are also people who would like to feel “at home” with their shoes so nothing can distract their attention from the girl! Getting a pair of classic blacks, fancy black-and-white or striking white will give him the edge and extra confidence. Isn’t it worth it?
Don’t Be Shy – for any questions on our shoes shop, feel free to contact us anytime!

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