A sharing of  Adelaide Wedding Dance couples’ wedding dance videos of rehearsals from beginning to end, final wedding day videos, wedding dance lessons testamonials  wedding dance experience…

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Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple


(Wedding Date: 15 April 22)

Christina & Pedros’ fun, sassy full of grooves first Wedding Dance Mashup to Truly, Madly, Deeply (by Savage Garden) & Tu Mirada (by Loco Escrito & Grupo Extra)

Platinum Package: 43 lessons (32 hours | 7 Months)

No previous dance experience!


Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple


(Wedding Date: 9 October 2021)

Lia & Lachlans’, Bachata latin flavour first wedding dance to Eso Es Amor by Jiory Garcia.  Full of personality, grooves & natural body movement!

GOLD Wedding Dance Package: 26 lessons (4 months)

“We decided we wanted to really wow our wedding guests and so decided to take both regular group classes and private dance classes with Adelaide Wedding Dance. I personally had never danced before, but my wife had. And I guess now I can dance pretty well! We even got asked to do our wedding dance a second time on our wedding night, our guests were that impressed! Thoroughly enjoy still going to the group classes, getting better all the time and having heaps of fun along the way!” Lachlan

“The experience was amazing. My partner has never danced before and I have but the staff made it fun and challenging for both of us. Would highly recommend any couple looking for help with their wedding dance” Lia


Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple


(Wedding Date: 6 November 2021)

Bobbi & Rob  Romantic First Wedding Dance to “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur ?

Video by:  Dancraft Films 

Wedding Date: 6 Nov 2021

SILVER Wedding Dance Package: 20 lessons (2.5 months)

“Loved the whole team at Adelaide Wedding Dance! Were so welcoming and knowledgeable from day 1 and really supported us throughout” Bobbi & Robert


Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple


(Wedding Date: 19 March 22)

Melissa & Robert, having so much fun & nailing their wedding dance to all-time classic  “Time of My life” – Dirty Dancing soundtrack ?

SILVER Wedding Dance Package: 16 Lessons (12 Hours | 6 weeks)

“At first we didn’t think we would be able to complete the dance within the specified time and didn’t think we would look good dancing. But it resulted in both of us loving to dance and possibly take up dance lessons again. We absolutely loved our wedding dance. So much fun on the night. Our guests were also in shock and absolutely loved it. We received so many compliments and was told it looked like we were on dancing with the stars. I would recommend anyone to give it a shot. If dancing is something you like to do when your out having a good time why not take dance lessons for your wedding as it is great experience to share” Melissa


Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple


(Wedding Date: 20 Feb 21)

Savika & Jeremy came in with visual images of their wedding dance goals & we worked with them over 4 months to make their dream a reality ❤

GOLD Wedding Dance Package: 25 lessons ( 18.75 hours | 4 months 

Wedding Song: Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

Video captured and edited beautifully by Dancraft Films

“My husband and I found a dance video on YouTube that we loved and wanted to learn for our first dance but didn’t know where to start and we also wanted to change a few moves as we didn’t like it personally so we knew we needed help. After discovering Adelaide Wedding Dance and had our first lesson with Getty we had so much fun we knew we had to keep going back! We enjoyed every lessons and learnt so much. The communication and explanations were excellent and easy to understand. Getty is very patient and will teach you to your best potential. She made some changes to the dance style which suits us and our personality so that made the dance extra special. Everyone complimented on how great it was on the night. I highly recommend! Not only you will gain so much skills but you will genuinely enjoy your time there!” Savika



Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple


(Wedding Date: 7 Nov 2020)

Emma & Brayden came to us Dec 2019 & end of March 2020 their lessons and Wedding date was interrupted by COVID. Having started 4 months before their wedding, we have finished choreographing their wedding dance routine, complementing with natural grooves and moves!! Having practised during the COVID break when they came back at end of October, for their new wedding date on 7th Nov…. they remembered the routine and was nailing it with their own flair and personality!!

GOLD Wedding Dance Package: 25 Lessons | 4 MONTHS

“We wanted to learn a dance that we could ‘wow’ our guests with, we didn’t want to awkwardly sway and after contacting Getty from Dance Amor we found our fit. She explained our options for packages and we started to learn our dance! It became so much more then just learning our first dance, it was alot of fun and a date night for us. I was a bit worried about if we would do it correctly on the night but Getty reminded us that all the work we did for the lead up would become like muscle memory which it certainly did on the night. We learnt lifts and dips that our guests absolutely loved and felt amazing to do something a bit different for our special day. I completely recommend learning a dance with any of the instructors there as everyone is welcoming and a bunch of fun. We picked a 25 lessons package which gave us plenty of time to learn the basics of dance and feel comfortable performing our dance without feeling rushed. A massive thanks to Getty for her time and patience. We had a ball! Certainly Impressed & wow family & friends on the night !! ” In the background you can see my mum, nan and aunty all loving it. Was an awesome feeling x”  Emma


Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple


(Wedding Date: 23 Nov 2019)

Tegan & Bryn, fast & active learners, achieved amazing result with this fun upbeat wedding dance to Sway by Michael Buble 

GOLD Wedding Dance Package: 25 Lessons (18.75 Hours | 5 Months )

“… Everyone there was very easy to get along with and they really care about getting you to perform at the best of your abilities. I loved that we were able to chose the song that was right for us and they created a routine for us based at our skills and as we improved they were able to help us ‘jazz’ up the performance until we had it all specky and perfect! Everyone was quite impressed with our dance and we had many requests for encores!!! My advice for couples looking into learning a dance is GO FOR IT! And Do it early if you can. We had a few months of lessons which we found very useful as it meant we could still focus on life and had plenty of time to learn the dance without getting stressed, and plenty of time to perfect it all.”  Tegan & Bryn


Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple


(Wedding Date: January 2017)

A rehearsal wedding dance video of Joel & Angie’s classic mash up of all time classic songs –  Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud; Michael Jackson – Thriller; PSY – Gangnam Style; Grease Lightning; Kriss Kross – Jump;  Village People – YMCA and a feature of Britney Spears of Oops I Did it Again.

Although the length of the wedding dance exceeded well beyond our normal recommendation of 1:30 to 2 min length, with their hard work and double lesson committment two to three times a week, the results certainly paid off!  They have done an amazing job!  With great sports, a highly positive attitude and after lots of sweat – Adelaide Wedding Dance with Joel & Angie, we have come together and created a classic fun wedding dance routine!  A nice way to start off 2017!

“The 1st lesson was the bit that brought us in.  Everyone here, the atmosphere here,  everyone walk ins, they  are smiling, hugging, hi-fiving…and that is on a regular night.  That is not for anything special.  That is everyight.  It is like one massive family here” – Joel K

“From the 1st lesson it was great!” – Angie K


Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple


(Wedding Date: April 2017)

Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple – Emma & Taylor  (Wedding Date: April 2017)

Wedding Dance Videos of Adelaide Wedding Dance couple Emma & Taylor, one of our youngest wedding couple.  They did their wedding dance to the well known theme song of the movie Enchanted – So Close.  A beautiful Waltz wedding dance routine!!

Accompanied with private wedding dance lessons, Emma & Taylor also attended Waltz group dance classes to help reinforce the skills taught!  They were lots of fun and was very committed with us to create a beautiful Waltz wedding dance routine.

“Atmosphere is very encouraging – everyone is happy for everyone” – Emma S

Every Wednesday nights, for the past 10 weeks, it has been part of our life, it has been great. Something to look forward to. We were taught when we were tossing up whether to do a dance or not, that if we didn’t do a wedding dance, we will regret it. And that is right.  Now I have got this picture in my mind of the wedding day, and how it is going to tie in, how it is going to top it up.  It is just a good opportunity” – Taylor S

Wedding Dance Videos 3

Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple:  Melissa & Cameron (Wedding Date: October 2016)

Wedding Dance videos and photos of our young, beautiful Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple, Melissa & Cameron.  Melissa & Cameron committing to 30 hours of wedding dance lessons, were able to finish off with a refined piece of Rumba to John Legend’s popular wedding dance song – “All of Me”.  It was a  fabulous journey to see the remarkable progress from no dance experience to moving nicely  through their wedding dance routine!  It was job well done!!  Check out the wedding dance videos of their testamonial & final day wedding dance routine!

Wedding Dance Videos 4

Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple – Kristhel & David (Wedding Date: October 2016)

Wedding dance videos & photos of our Adelaide Wedding Dance couple, Kristhel & David who did a lovely Rumba Wedding Dance routine to Cascada – Everytime We Touch!  Kristhel & David, with just over 10 hours of lessons was able to complete a simple, yet effective & romantic wedding dance routine.  They brought into their wedding dance lessons natural groove and style they already had.  Therefore in a short number of lessons ended up with a product they were very happy with!   Check out wedding dance videos of Kristhel & David’s wedding dance routine & testamonial!



Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple


(Wedding Date: 20 Nov 2021)


Remi & Bray, huge achievement after 7 months with a first dance mash up to original and remix version of Latch by Sam Smith  ??

PLATINUM Wedding Dance Package: 40 Lessons (30 Hours | 7.5 monLaths)

Wedding Date: 20 Nov 21

“People loved it.  They said it was the best dance they have ever seen!”…Remi

“Everyone loved it & it was a great surprise to all”…Laurie


Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple


(Wedding Date: 6 Nov 2021)

 Angela & Vincent did an amazing job with this mashup routine!  Whole package of elegance, sass with lots of fun & confidence.  The best memories!   

PLATINUM Wedding Dance Package: 40 Lessons (30 hours  | 11 months)

Wedding songs: From the Ground Up by Dan + Shay | Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

Video Details: Angela & Vincent final wedding dance lesson (Lesson 40) | 3 days before the wedding

“xAt first, we weren’t sure if this was something we wanted to do as we didn’t want to look too fake/choreographed. But we also didn’t want to stand awkwardly on the dance floor and sway side to side for 2 minutes either. After our first meet up with Getty, we felt more at ease and wanted to give it a shot. Turns out, it was so much fun not only as something to work together towards for the wedding, but it got us off the couch on Saturday mornings (extra points for being a fun 1.5 hour workout together too). Initially we were only going to do 20 lessons with no mash up but decided on 40 lessons and so glad we did especially as we had the time to do so. We loved that Getty brought out the elegance in us through her choreography but allowed us to also add personal touches throughout the routine. Our wedding dance turned out AMAZING. We kept it a surprise for over a year so on the actual night our family and friends were floored by our dance! And it was even better having a mash up to show off our attitude and sass! Some of our couple friends have even said we have set the standard and that it’s “game on” for their wedding. Throughout the lessons, we did “show and tells “where we performed in front of other couples. Honestly, thought this was super embarrassing at first but we did it so often that it helped with our nerves on the actual night. If any other couple has come across this review because you’re unsure, we say to just dive right in because it was one of the best things we did for our wedding and one of the most enjoyable/stress-free prep for the wedding. Thanks again to … Adelaide Wedding Dance!” Vincent & Angela

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