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Wedding Dance Video 1 :

Wedding Dance Couple – Joel & Angie  (Wedding Date: January 2017)

A rehearsal wedding dance video of Joel & Angie’s classic mash up of all time classic songs –  Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud; Michael Jackson – Thriller; PSY – Gangnam Style; Grease Lightning; Kriss Kross – Jump;  Village People – YMCA and a feature of Britney Spears of Oops I Did it Again.

Although the length of the wedding dance exceeded well beyond our normal recommendation of 1:30 to 2 min length, with their hard work and double lesson committment two to three times a week, the results certainly paid off!  They have done an amazing job!  With great sports, a highly positive attitude and after lots of sweat – Adelaide Wedding Dance with Joel & Angie, we have come together and created a classic fun wedding dance routine!  A nice way to start off 2017!

“The 1st lesson was the bit that brought us in.  Everyone here, the atmosphere here,  everyone walk ins, they  are smiling, hugging, hi-fiving…and that is on a regular night.  That is not for anything special.  That is everyight.  It is like one massive family here” – Joel K

“From the 1st lesson it was great!” – Angie K

Wedding Dance Videos 2

Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple – Emma & Taylor  (Wedding Date: April 2017)

Wedding Dance Videos of Adelaide Wedding Dance couple Emma & Taylor, one of our youngest wedding couple.  They did their wedding dance to the well known theme song of the movie Enchanted – So Close.  A beautiful Waltz wedding dance routine!!

Accompanied with private wedding dance lessons, Emma & Taylor also attended Waltz group dance classes to help reinforce the skills taught!  They were lots of fun and was very committed with us to create a beautiful Waltz wedding dance routine.

“Atmosphere is very encouraging – everyone is happy for everyone” – Emma S

Every Wednesday nights, for the past 10 weeks, it has been part of our life, it has been great. Something to look forward to. We were taught when we were tossing up whether to do a dance or not, that if we didn’t do a wedding dance, we will regret it. And that is right.  Now I have got this picture in my mind of the wedding day, and how it is going to tie in, how it is going to top it up.  It is just a good opportunity” – Taylor S 

Wedding Dance Videos 3

Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple:  Melissa & Cameron (Wedding Date: October 2016)

Wedding Dance videos and photos of our young, beautiful Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple, Melissa & Cameron.  Melissa & Cameron committing to 30 hours of wedding dance lessons, were able to finish off with a refined piece of Rumba to John Legend’s popular wedding dance song – “All of Me”.  It was a  fabulous journey to see the remarkable progress from no dance experience to moving nicely  through their wedding dance routine!  It was job well done!!  Check out the wedding dance videos of their testamonial & final day wedding dance routine!

Wedding Dance Videos 4

Adelaide Wedding Dance Couple – Kristhel & David (Wedding Date: October 2016)

Wedding dance videos & photos of our Adelaide Wedding Dance couple, Kristhel & David who did a lovely Rumba Wedding Dance routine to Cascada – Everytime We Touch!  Kristhel & David, with just over 10 hours of lessons was able to complete a simple, yet effective & romantic wedding dance routine.  They brought into their wedding dance lessons natural groove and style they already had.  Therefore in a short number of lessons ended up with a product they were very happy with!   Check out wedding dance videos of Kristhel & David’s wedding dance routine & testamonial!

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